Our Story

"That Dalton Gang” is a versatile group of young musicians. The group centers around the two Dalton sisters, Cheyenne age 17 and Maddie age 14 playing twin fiddles and mandolin with astounding professionalism. The sibling harmony vocals will pull you right to the center of every song they perform.

Meet the Gang

My name is Cheyenne and I was born loving music. I think I must have been singing before I was talking.When I was a baby my family took me to Silver Dollar City, which is close to Branson, MO. I got to hear the amazing music of the bands that had come there to play. How could I have guessed that one day I would actually be on stage there, playing and singing my music, hoping to make others as happy as this music has always made me.

I am a farm kid so my days are spent with my family while we check cows, fence, crops and hay. When I’m not making music, my hobbies include cooking, baking,  and competitive shooting. It’s a happy life!
I’m Maddie. I love to sing and play my fiddle. Some people say singing and playing harmonies at my age is amazing. It’s not so amazing to me - it’s what I hear, and it completes the sound of our music. I’m glad that I was given this talent. I am the two time Oklahoma State Fiddle Champion. I love bluegrass music and the great people we get to meet.

I’m a farm kid and I’m home schooled so I spend most of my days with my family. I love to go with my Papa and baby brother to feed the cows and check on the baby calves. My hobby is my animals. I have rabbits, chickens, cows and a few Shetland sheep. My family says I’m the Ellie May Clampett of our farm!
  My name is Alex Clayton. I'm 19 years old, I live in Naylor, MO, and I've been playing banjo for 4 years. 
I'm Wyatt Harman. I make my home in Florissant, MO. I'm currently attending Missouri Baptist College in St. Louis, MO where my major is in criminal justice and my minor is history. I have literally grown up in bluegrass music, though I didn't actually start playing until I was fifteen. Since then I have played in our family band "Bull Harman and Bull's Eye," and with the "Pickin' Chicks." In 2016 and 2017 I was fortunate enough to be named SPBGMA bass player of the year. In 2017 my band "Mashtag" won the SPBGMA International Bluegrass Championship in Nashville, TN. I'm excited to join "That Dalton Gang" and look forward to my bluegrass future.

Jimmy Meyer plays guitar for the band. He comes from a family of ten children, each with amazing musical abilities. He plays numerous instruments with artful ability and sings lead and harmony. Many people recognize him from the days he played bass in the Meyer Bluegrass Band. During his time in Nashville, he played with Mountain Faith. We are so happy he has returned to Sheldon, Missouri and now travels and plays with us on our adventures.